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Megatrends such as globalization and digitization, but in particular the vast increase in biomedical knowledge and the exponential rate of technological advances are changing the entire competitive environment ever faster; the Fourth Industrial Revolution is also having a profound effect on the life sciences industry. Prepare for the future; make sure that your business model and your innovation management are ready for the challenges ahead.


We are moving the frontiers

of life science innovation.

A genuine innovation has first of all to prove itself on the market, i.e. it must be accepted by the customers and generate profit. This calls for an efficient innovation management that is designed specifically for your industry.

We Are Corporate Architects

A company is like a building: It should be equipped with all of the elements needed to fulfill all necessary functions. A house needs a roof, windows, doors and so on; a company needs a strategy, R&D, production facilities and must pursue sales and marketing activities: If one of these elements is missing, the entire organisation is at risk. It therefore becomes even more important, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises, to equip their business models with all internal functions right from the start, to coordinate them optimally and to structure them in a way that the organisation can respond flexibly to changing business conditions.

Classic business approaches are no longer capable of providing a suitable response to the changing environment. There is a need for dynamic business models that counter effectively disruptive transformations or even enable the organisation to become itself a game changer.

Business Models

Poor or even missing revenues are warning signs. The underlying causes need to be identified and resolved.

The Role of Marketing in Life Science

The importance of defining customer needs for a product that is in development or for which a market currently does not exist is often underestimated. Professional market and trend research supplies the data that is vital for successful product development: Which customer has which specific needs? Do you deliver higher value than the competition? Is there already a market or how to establish a new one? What trend can be expected in the long term? Your customers changes along with the entire market and the business environment.

The Customer

Understanding customer needs and technical features at the same time requires industry experts.

Constantly observing the dynamics of the market, the competition and environment, as well as anticipating trends to incorporating these insights into product development and commercialization strategies is crucial for effective innovation management and the long-term success of your company.

Our Services

Transform ideas into innovations


We will help you exploit the full potential of your new technologies so you can successfully develop the best possible product offering for the right customers.

Conquer growth markets

We identify growth markets for your product, translate product properties into customer benefits and develop a suitable go-to-market strategy.

Develop disruptive business models

We will help you hone your strategy and develop an appropriate business model.  We work iteratively with prototypes to test the market at an early stage.

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